Walnut Speak Easy - Elgin, IL
214 Walnut Avenue, Elgin, IL 847.695.2420
Open Daily at 11:00 am
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A speakeasy was an establishment
which illegally sold alcoholic
beverages during the period of
United States history known as
Prohibition (1920-1932). The term
comes from a patron's manner of
ordering an alcoholic drink without
raising suspicion... bartenders would
tell patrons to be quiet and "speak easy."


Enjoyment, amusement, or lighthearted
pleasure:"anyone who turns up can
join in the fun."

Amusing, entertaining, or enjoyable:
"it was a fun evening."


1. High-quality beef taken from the
hindquarters of the animal, typically
cut into thick slices that are cooked
by grilling, broiling or frying.

2. A thick slice of such beef or other
high-quality meat or fish: "a salmon steak"


An activity involving physical exertion
and skill in which an individual or team
competes against another or others.

A sport that many people find
entertaining to watch on television, often
with friends while eating and drinking.


An alcoholic drink consisting of two or
more ingredients, a spirit or several
spirits mixed with other ingredients,
such as soda or fruit juice.

Almost any mixed drink containing alcohol.

Family Friendly:

1. A group consisting of parents and children enjoying a meal at the Walnut Speakeasy.
2. A place designed to be suitable for children as well as adults.

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